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The Examination & Evaluation Management module is an integral part of the Inventive Examination & Evaluation Suite. Schools can set up their own the marking system, activities and assigns optional subjects as required. It is a robust, scalable and user-friendly solution for converting marks into Grades according to Board (CBSE, State) Guidelines and generates Report Cards (including CCE pattern).

  • Promote students to the next standard / division for the upcoming academic year on result of final exams.
  • Promote all the students of a class to next class in the upcoming academic year saving lot of time of staff.
  • Online Report Card generation feature enables teachers to enter grades or marks effortlessly and easy compilation of marks and grade.


  • Support for a variety of examination patterns and customized marking schemes.
  • Facility to add, edit, view and delete admission forms of students.
  • Record marks in various activities and assigns optional subjects as per schools requirements.
  • Convert marks in grades according to CBSE/other boards guidelines.
  • Generate report cards according to multiple patterns (including CCE).
  • Print mass student report cards in batches.
  • Parents can view/print report card in their login.


  • Streamlined Examination & Evaluation process.
  • Effort minimization towards recording, copying and forwarding marks.
  • Ready reference for use in different student activities & reports.
  • Automatic alignment to popular board patterns like CBSE CCE.
  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view.
  • GPA, CCE Evaluation methods.